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About Kali

Kali Kucera is an American artist, lorist, and entrepreneur. Since he was 9 years old he has been composing plays, operas, short stories, and multi-disciplinary experiences. He has been both a teacher and performer as well as an arts mobilizer, and founded the Tacoma Poet Laureate competition in 2008.

After some time being a teller, Kali was concerned about the absence of those actually creating new lore in the tradition of ancient story-makers. He therefore devoted his energy to filling this void with a movement to encourage people to translate their everyday musings into wild tales, and let others create variations. He published a number of his own tales in this vein about the South Sound region of Washington State, and then expanded into a full-length endeavor with Unawqi, Hunter of the Sun, inspired by the high Andes of South America, where Kali currently lives while also running a bus travel information service called AndesTransit (http://andestransit.com).

It is important to understand that in Kali's lore, self-standing stories are often interconnected with other stories. Characters in one story will appear in a completely different context of another story, hence establishing a pantheon upon which lore can be constructed.

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