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Author of "Unawqi, Hunter of the Sun",
and "South Sound Legends and Tales".

What's ' Unawqi ' all about?

In a time when supernatural and industrial worlds are staged to collide, an Andean boy finds himself in the center of an epic struggle between the cosmos and the Earth. Unawqi is born with both insurmountable power and a fate of certain death, both of which are challenged by his hunt of the emperor, Aakti, the Sun: the very force that desires to abandon the Earth unless Unawqi can overcome him.

You will love Unawqi if you like to read...

Mythical realism, Folklore, Science fiction, Adventure, Gay-themed literature in a mythological or ancient world setting. 

Where can I get it?

Order it on,,,, or ask at your local book store.

Upcoming Trilogy:  WITCH PRICKER

Kali is currently working on a thrilling series that follows a man's mission over the course of centuries to institionalize mind control as the moral good.

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Short stories by Kali Kucera

The Legend of Golden Fern

Vashon's Extraordinary Village

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Tacoma's mysterious island at the bottom of the bay.

Sticky's Sanctuary

The odyssey of Tacoma's most famous cat.

The Less Told Tale of Never Never Land

So that's what happened!

Lady Charlotte

The Witch
of McKinley Hill

Vic, the Anxious Waiter

Waiting can be exactly what you waited for.


Get the whole collection of short stories by Kali Kucera that bring out the quirky and enigmatic nature of Puget Sound’s southern realm.
Playing on a combination of local history and the traditions of storytelling, we have in this compendium a new set of lore and mythology not just for South Sound residents, but for everyone to enjoy, to spin and retell, and most importantly, to make us wonder.

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